Fates Picture

Another snapshot of characters in Cora and I's Odessey meets Pirates of the Carribbean story (It's not really a cross over or anything it just describes the plot) Anyway these ladies are the fates of greek mythology. Left to right: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Clotho spins the thread of life for each mortal. Lachesis measures how long the thread will be thus how long the mortal will live and Atropos cuts the thread ending the mortal's life. They are also aunts to Azariel then again so are virtually all of the gods, but oh well. I know most people think the old hags sharing one eye from Disney's Hercules but all the pictures I saw showed young women. I mean if they are the daughters of Zeus they can't be ugly right? The Fates are a the key instrument to Azariel finding poor Morgan Vane. And that's all I'm gonna say hope you like!
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