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In Greek mythology, Pandora ( "that has all the gifts," or "that is the gift of all gods") was the first woman,
created by Zeus as punishment for daring to men of titã Prometheus to steal in the heavens secret of fire.

Pandora's Box

The Pandora's box is a term widely used when you want to refer to something that generates curiosity, but it is better not to be disclosed or studied, failing to come to show something terrible, that may escape control.
This term comes from Greek myth, which account on the box that was sent with the Pandora Epimetheus.
Pandora was sent to Epimetheus, brother of Prometheus, as a gift of Zeus.
Prometheus, before being ordered to stay forever acorrentado on Mount Caucasus, and their bodies eaten by vulture Éton every day,
the brother warned about the danger of accepting gifts from Zeus.
Epimetheus, however, ignored the warning of his brother and accepted the present king of the gods, taking as his wife Pandora.
Pandora brought a box (a jar or amphora, according to different translations), sent by Zeus in his luggage.
he has just opened the box, and releasing the evils that they would have to afflict the human race from then on: old age, work, illness, madness, the lie and passion.
At the bottom of the box, left the Hope (or according to some interpretations, the irrational belief or Credulidade).
With the evils released from the box, ended the age of gold of humanity.

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