The Sisters of Fate Picture


Hey, y'know that one Wii Game Idea of mine? The one where I fantasize about a Kingdom Hearts fighting game which would more or less be a game where some of Disnaey's most classic and critically acclaimed characters beat the ever living shit out of each other...with weapons [link]?

Well say hello to the final boss! Yeah, this is it, this freakisk seraphim abomination is who I would have as the arcade/story mode final boss! Kiss my ass Soulcalibur, your boss ain't got shit on mine^-^!


The Sisters of Fate
Dual Katanas, Lance and Chain Blade
Clotho the Spinner (Middle), Lachesis the Apportioner (Right Side) and Atropos the Inevitable (Left Side). They are the ones who forged the “ultimate power”, a keyblade-style weapon forged from Phazon known as the Time Edge “Jabberwock”, it was designed to be the core stabilizer and foundation of time and space. To better serve as the blade's guardians, the Sisters have in fact merged into one singular being with their seperate (though syncronized) mindsets intact, in the end they have become a powerful being who will prove to be a most formitable and near unbeatable foe to any who dare to take the Time Edge Jabberwock for themselves.

Originally, I got this idea after first playing God of War II (when it first came out) which deplicted the Sisters of Fate as key antagonists, the very idea of fighting the very wievers of time itself was pretty damn badass. Of course, I couldn't just rip off from their rendition so naturally I just made my own. Incidently, my rendition turned out to be very similar to the Geryon [link], in the end this rendition would indeed make quite an interesting boss battle in a fighting game (perhaps a real bitch to beat XD). If this rendition were finalized for an actual game, no doubt the legs wouldn't be that long (or would they?)
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