Atropos Picture

Fuck t-shirts. I'm on a superhero kick now apparently lol.

I just drew and inked this up quickly for Madyson. She drew me a bunch of her original characters and they looked like superheroes so I did an original one for her. In hindsight I should've drawn Dark Myth for her, since she is my OC superheroine, and I haven't done a drawing of her for a while. Madyson's an amazing artist for her age, she's so creative and her ideas are so unique. I'm jealous lol.

Btw, Atropos was one of The Fates in Greek mythology. She was the oldest and the one that cut the thread of life. I'm not exactly sure what her superpower is. I'm aware she kinda looks like a hooker/dominatrix but that isn't a whip, it's like an electrical wire type thing that harnesses the energy she creates and can cut through anything.
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