Atropos, without turn Picture

Yea, like I said before I'm totally IN Danny Phantom, so, here's one of my two new ghosts, Atropos, an egyptian ghost, who's not completely egyptian because his name is greek... (I think I suck at drawing egyptian, HE DOESN'T EVEN LOOK EGYPTIAN X^X )

About him

He's always with Morphea, the second new ghost I've created, but they're not in love (say that and he'll kill ya x[) Nobody knows why him and Morphea are always together. He, like Morphea, hates humans without apparently any reasons. He controls Anu, an egyptian dog, and he got -of coarse- Ghost Blast and others Ghost Powers... his blood is dark blue, like his tongue.

About his name (I love this name x_x)

Atropos was one of the three Moirae, three women in greek mythology who were the personification of destiny and who were controlling the life of all mortals and immortals. Atropos was the one who ended the life of the mortals by cutting their thread. You can read things 'bout her here, and here about the three Moirae.

Atropos & Anu are © meh But the original Atropos is © ...greeks? o0'
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