Amenemant Concept Picture


(He's only there until I can upload my actual drawing of Amenemant. I want it to be a picture file so I can scrap it.)

Amenemant Sobek Ka-Mes Aqer was born when the great god Sobek impregnated a crocodile. That year, the river Nile was dried up, and all of the people were dying from thirst. Without water, they chouldn't grow their plants or travel in their ships. The animals of the river were suffering, too. A large clan of crocodiles were starting to die out, because all of the fish that they ate had died. They couldn't travel on land for too long, either, and they were losing hope. So, one day, a female crocodile from the clan climbed upon the sandy bank of the dried river and held two plumes in her hands.
"Great god Sobek, hear my plea,
Send the water back to me.
Our time won't last with such a thirst,
This time on Earth has been our worst.
Have mercy, great Sobek, let us live,
You'll see, our god, we have much to give."
She raised the plumes up into the hands of Aten, who encased her and her family in nothing but harsh warmth. Her family began to grow weary, and started to give up on the god. Some suggested they pray to a god that would hear and listen to them, but the crocodile wouldn't listen to them. She kept praying to Sobek, praying for rain.
A few days later, after more crocodiles had died, and the female was growing very weak, Sobek visited her while she sunbathed. She opened her eyes and Sobek looked down upon her.
"Humble crocodile, I have heard your prayers. You wish for water to drink and to swim in. You wish for fish to hunt. I will not let you die, fierce, noble creatures." He raised one of his hands, and gathered all of the plumes that the female crocodile had collected for her prayers. He swept them over the crocodile's womb once, and said mightily, "In seven days, your messiah will arrive. He will save you, for he will have all that you will need to get your river back."
The female crocodile was worried, as were the others. They weren't sure if they could survive another seven days. However, while most of the other crocodiles from the clan died, the female survived the ten days by eating her kin's meat and praying to Sobek thrice a day, praying for health and hope.
On the seventh day, the female crocodile gave birth to a very ugly creature. It was very large, and while most of it was an ugly crocodile with fat under its scales, its arms and shoulders were quite beautiful. They were tan in color instead of green, scaleless, and had hands with four fingers and a thumb each. The female crocodile was bewildered. This couldn't have been the messiah.
But, it was. Still a newborn, the creature crawled itsself over to the bank of the Nile, seeming to be blind and deaf still, and emptied its stomach into the Nile. Clear water pulsed into the river, and the creature seemed to stay there for hours, pouring water from itsself into the Nile's banks. Eventually, the female crocodile watching, the creature closed its mouth, the Nile filled to its banks.
The female crocodile was in shock. She had given birth to her saviour! Sobek had chosen her, out of all of the creatures of the Nile, to deliver Egypt's messiah in the time of the drought.
A few weeks later, the female crocodile was swimming in the Nile with her creature, her son. She was teaching him how to fish, although he seemed to show no interest. A great light blinded the two and they swam to the banks, curious.
Sobek had come to the female once again, his left hand raised.
"Modest creature of Ptah, I have seen you with your saviour. You raise him and teach him well. However, his time with you is done, for I require him to help me. He will bring the healing waters to those elsewhere, and he will carry a large tote, fashioned of papyrus, filled with medicines to cure any illness that should fall an Egyptian, anywhere from Nubia to Luxor."
The creature approached Sobek, who continued to speak.
"He will feed the hungry, and provide nourishment to the worthy. His hands are those of a healer's." And, promptly, the creature's arms glowed briefly. Sobek went on, "I will take him to the farms and feed him a rooster, which will give him a voice. I will collect every butterfly and bird wing in Egypt and fashion them into wings for Amenemant. He will wear a feathered headdress, decorated with the very plumes that impregnated him."
The female crocodile was in shock, taking note of her saviour's name.
"He will go with me, but he will never be far," Sobek assured her, and took his son into a bright horizon that wasn't too distant.

Amenemant and his story (c) Me
Sobek & his love of plumes (c) Egyptian Mythology...?
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