Reigora Picture

Reigora's are enormous cat-beasts that are related to sphixes, so they are clever and possess the gift of speeking... Reigoras live at the mountain side of Duvier mt... the female Reigoras are more feared than the male ones, for they are bigger and usually more cunning, female Reigoras sometimes sing with a beautiful voice or sound like women needing for help, they do so to lure travellers near their territory so they can hunt then down and feed... Reigoras in live all-male all-female packs, because females eat males when they find them, exept when it it's the breeding season... near the Reigora territory, there is a village, walei village, the villagers fear and adore the reigoras, so they made their village sign beautiful to looks, but the same time it works as warning for travellers, so that they know not to cross certain areas... Reigoras are almost as strong as sphinxes are said to be, there was once this incident where Reigoras attacked the Vermillion Train and knocked it over, after that they ate the passangers... Reigoras are so huge, that a normal elf-maidens head is in the same height as Reigoras arm-pit...

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