PEDA Yuko Oshnia Picture

Name: Yuko Oshnia

Code Name: Nagini

Bio: In Tokyo Japan in the year 2037, an ordinary, usual routine in the citizens of the highly technological with an equally religous nation of Japan would simply pass along as an ordinary summer, but in the night in an early summer of that year, everything changed. A group of teenagers of 18-19, had a wager to go into one of the shrines that held a sacred flesh of what was thought to be a merperson of mythology ( it was said to grant immortality if one were to eat its flesh) Yuko Oshnia was involved in this wager to sneak into the shrine and steal it and eat it for ones glory. Yuko did indeed steal it and snuck out and ate it, the result was expected that she became immortal, but it however had a few side effects. First she began to have dreams of snakes and fire, then days later she is then observed at times floating in the air just a foot off the ground, a week passes she has moments of sparks of fire comming from her hands. Finally though, 2 weeks later, she's seen only by a single witness in a park to of seen a large black and red striped snake and ontop of its body was Yuko's head. After this event, she went to a library to look up japanese mythological creatures, and as it turns out it was not the flesh of a merperson but the snake skin of the serpent Kiyohime. Learning of this curios knowledge, it was a mixture of shock and glee in her face discovering this, she then went to the shrine to ask for edvice on such an issue. Some of the priests looked at her with shock that she said she's the one to eaten the skin of Kiyohime, one of the priests did give small edvice on how she must use her powers, since they think she would end up growing power hungry and cause disaster to Japan and even the other neihboring nations. Luckily though she is afterall a kind hearted individual for such a power. She became a healer for a time at the shrine and a sort of prophit. The troubles weren't over for her, the same people that made the wager found out about her newfound power, as a sence of revenge and anger for greed of such power they decided to try and steal the snake skin again killing a few defencless priests in their way until the only person standing between the gang and the priests and snake skin was Yuko herself, looking upon her dead fello priests she got really angry at her old gang and started throwing at them ranging from fire balls and lightning bolts striking at them with a vengence for her new friends at the shrine. For the fright the gang's lives they ran in terror of her new power, only one stood up to her determind to have that skin as a final attack on her enemy she transformed into her large snake form and struck at her foe with utter anger as her final attempt to kill him she slithered over to him rapidly and coiled him and started to bite him with her potent venom mixed in with constriction of her coils until he was finally dead. After the fight none of the gang members ever went to the shrine again. In the Year 2040 just before the war in Korea, the PEDA had found her and got her to go to New Mu to meditate peacefully at the time until finally in the long years after the war she has found new love for Josh and became thick as thieves and when both had to do battle against the aliens in 2083.

hight:5.11 ft

wieght: 146 lbs

Abilities: telepathy, manipulation of fire, water, and storms, has a powerful hypnosis, transforms into a very big serpent woman with only the human head and the body of a snake, a healer, neurotoxic venom, and Clarvoiance.

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