Green Hills on River Shannon Picture

This is the view of the Shannon, a church, and the hills outside Limerick from King John's Castle. I grew very fascinated by the River Shannon because of the mythology surrounding it. Here you have a motif that is similar to the Fruit of Knowledge story. Fionn Mac Cumhaill was studying with a man whose life ambition was to capture the salmon of knowledge from the River Shannon. When he finally captured it, he asked Fionn to prepare it for him to eat. Once consumed, whomever ate it first, would gain wisdom. Fionn, while preparing it, cut his thumb on the spit and when he sucked it to make him feel better, he tasted some of the Salmon, thus gained knowledge and he had to eat the rest of it. I find it amusing that the whole gaining of knowledge for him was a huge accident. Just sort of how some of the greatest pieces of wisdom one gathers in life is usually an accident.

I tried to get a better picture of the River Shannon but none that I took came out good to me.
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