Raktavija draft Picture

A reference head shot for one of the main villains in my Celestial Academy story/comic thingy. I'm just putting it here as a reference for colours and style.

I don't want to give any of the major plot twists away, but I guess i can shed some light on this character.

He's a minion really - the 'Muscle', if you will - for the main bad guy, Lucifer.
In Hindu Mythology, Raktavija was the Demon General. If his blood was spilt, thousands of smaller demons would arise from the blood and do his bidding (usually beating the crap out of his enemies). No, when I first read this I thought, 'Heck yeah, he's gonna be in the story!" and thus the character was born.

However, if you've ever read the most famous myth behind Raktavija, you'd know that he was defeated by Kali (four armed blue skinned goddess). Well... she ate him so he couldn't regenerate or spill any more blood if you wanna get all technical. This posed a bit of an issue for me for the character; should I just ignore that part of the myth or shall i compensate for it?

Well, an accidental slip of the pencil decided for me, I'd compensate for it.
You can't really see it in this pic, but there's a red gem imbedded in his chest. In the Celestial Academy comic, Lucifer resurrects Raktavija every century from the soul of one of the damned from Hell, fusing the gem to their spirit, causing their soul to switch places with the Demon General's for the time being, freeing him. (The soul cannot be sustained for longer than a century, as the gem was specifically designed to keep Raktavija inside, not regular human souls.)

Anywho, that's enough rambling for a picture most of you won't look twice at, so I'll shut up now.
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