Bunker 9 application Picture

Ω Name:* Nia Navarro
Ω Age:* 13
Ω Gender:* ♂/ Female
Ω Height/Weight:* 4' 11 ft, 40 kg
Ω Birthday:* July 3, 2001
ψ Godly Parent:* Hephaestus
ψ Number of Years at Camp:* None
ψ Year Rounder/Summer Camp: Year Rounder

ψ Stats:

STR: 3
DEX: 4
AGI: 2
INT: 4
VIT: 2

ψ Weapon: To Be Announced

ψ Subtle Ability:

Fighting Skills- She may be not that strong, but she knows how to fight and handle weapons, letting her have the upper hand during battles.

Technokinesis- This includes Machine Aptitude (understands and senses machinery,) Machine Expertise (can understand any mechanical vehicle quicker than average people,) Machine Sensitivity (can sense faults in metal ore and identify machinery type and use by touch,) and Trap Detection (can sense mechanical traps.)

REMINDERS- They are not separate abilities, they are abilities grouped together as technokinesis.

ψ Fatal Flaw: Unknown

Ω Likes/Dislikes:*

Likes- New book smell, the sound of machines working, and things going her way.
Dislikes- Disturbances, her solutions not working, and things going horribly wrong.

Ω Personality:*


Upbeat- most of the time, she is very happy. She loves jumping and running around, and suddenly saying words that are completely unrelated to a certain topic. (It MAY be because of her ADHD.) Everytime someone is sad, hanging out with her would be the best cure, and it usually ends up with a person who looks like he'd just ate 10 jars of Nutella.

Strong will- she doesn't give up so easily. She's a fighter, she will find a way to win a fight, or succeed a quest. She will stand firmly on the ground to defend what/ who she has to if she needs to, especially if it's to someone/ something she cares about.

Loyal- she never leaves you behind. She will stick by your side no matter what happens (unless you tell her to.) Insult her, hurt her, ignore her. As long as she matters to you, she will always be beside you.


Anger issues- she easily gets mad, especially when things don't go her way. She cannot hold in her anger for more than 5 seconds. After that duration, it feels as if you just put a time bomb off. She is very, very strict when it comes to what she is doing. Interruption during what she is doing results to anger. Even if you just whispered a sigh, she will get mad at you for it.

Impatience- because of her anger issues, she is bound to be very impationt. She can't stand being in a line for more that 10 minutes. If she needs to get something done, she wants it to be done now (unless she enjoys what she's doing, she'd be the most patient thing in the world.) Yeah, she's loyal, but if the waiting lasts more than the time mentioned, she will leave you.

Excessive Swearing- (first and foremost, I'm not even sure this is a personality.) She tends to swear a lot, most of the time. People would think it was just a thought that slipped off her mouth. Most of the time, if the swear offended you, she meant it. She would swear even if the teacher were in front of her face, or if the president were on the phone (I know I'm exaggerating, but you get the point.)

Ω History:*

So, Nia found out her school's disciplinarian, and her out-of-nowhere friend were satyrs, half men, half goat creatures sent to get demigods from around the world disguised as normal everyday people. Her mother has requested for her to go to the camp with the satyrs, she heard that her step-father protested, but then agreed. She was equipped with items given to the satyrs by her mother. She just arrived at camp. To think, it all started because she saw women go out from the trees (yup she easily passes out from unusual stuff.) It still felt like fantasy when she found out she was a demigod. Her mom was a mortal, and her dad was a god. Not GOD-god. A god. Like an Olympian. If she and her friend, Mary, never went to follow her newly-discovered-as-satyr friend, Jacy, she would've never found out that she was a demigod.

Before finding out that she was a demigod, Nia's life was pretty boring. She wasn't popular at school, and she had a really small circle of friends. Her mother was married to a guy named Santfred about five years after she was born. She was young, but she knew that guy wasn't her real dad, since her mom has oriented her about that already. She was fond of reading books about Greek Mythology. She didn't know why she was so drawn to them. She'd always have difficuly reading since she had Dyslexia, but these books she had no problem reading. She reads them normally, but her friends would always ask how she is reading those, ahem, "gibberish" (*hint, hint* Greek.)

Since she was 5, she was diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia. Suprisingly, her mom didn't overreact. She didn't mind Nia not being capable of staying in one place. She didn't mind Nia not being able to read properly, but, her mom remembered what Nia's dad said about the only language she CAN read. Her mom had trouble looking for a school for her. Luckily, she didn't have to change from school to school each grade. At first, they found this one school who's students usually had some disorder or something, so the school accepted her no problem. This school didn't care at all if she would run around the classroom, as long as she had good grades, and doesn't end up in the Disciplinarian's Office, they were alright with it. Having Dyslexia, it was super hard to understand the lesson in written form, that's why in every assignment that needs her to read, her mom reads it for her outloud, or reads the question/problem outloud, then she tells her mom her answer, and she writes it down for her. That's actually how she learns in a nutshell, which is the reason why she has good grades. At that school, almost EVERYTHING is taught verbally, so no problem for her. Each and every grade she encouters some, "imaginated" monsters. The teachers just suspected this was a part of her ADHD (newsflash, it wasn't) so they just let it slide.

In 4th grade, TOO much monsters chased after her. Of course, the teachers didn't pay any attention, but her mother got worried, so they transferred her to another school. Her mother told her that the reason she chose that school was because her dad told her mom that she'd be safe there since there were a lot of "protectors" (*cough* Satyrs *cough*.) In this school, they accepted "special requests," and, since the principal was also a demigod himself, the request was granted. Each book she had was in Greek, and she had special tutoring from a former Camper, which was a daughter of Athena, which was also a good friend of her mother. She was patient, wouldn't care if Nia asked if she could stop sitting down, and, because of her, made Nia have good grades. She was pretty lucky that her mom knew A LOT of people. She would often receive signs from Nia's dad that this person is a child of this god, or if this person was a satyr, and all that stuff. She stayed in that school until Eighth Grade, and on going.

Nia flew on pegasi to travel from the Philippines to Camp Half-Blood. As to why pegasi, her newly-discovered-as-satyr school disciplinarian Seth, said that it was dangerous to fly on plane, and that traveling by boat would take a lot of time. Flying with her were Jacy, and her disciplinarian. As to why two satyrs were with her, she didn't know why. It was, for some reason, very tiresome travelling on a pegasus without having to move. SO. VERY. EXHAUSTING. But then again, stopping along the way was the most difficult part. They encountered old bat ladies holding yarn, cow headed monsters, stealing monkey things, etc. Yikes. It was very frustrating, having to stop in some places just so they could rest. Once, they rested in a hotel, and they woke up in a pile of ashes. Turns out a chimera attacked earlier. How she didn't notice, I'm not sure. She was a REALLY heavy sleeper.

At camp she was immediately claimed by the god Hephaestus. That explained a lot. She didn't know how but it explained a lot. The tour was great, she even studied the rules over and over again. She couldn't wait to get started.

Ω Family:
Mother - Leah Navarro
Step-Father - Santfred Gersana

ψ Relationships:

ψ Beads Earned:

Ω Misc:
She is an asthmatic
She has black hair and eyes, but at a certain light, they turn a beautiful shade of golden brown.

Ω RP Methods: Any method is alright with me.

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