Princess Athena Picture

My name is Athena Themyscira the Princess of the Amazons. I have ivory skin, long black hair, and emerald green eyes. I am the daughter Queen Diana and the spiritual father Tyson Bay. And the granddaughter of Queen Hippalayta and if rumors are true the God of the Dead, Hades. I am known as the champion Wonder Girl. To understand my history I must talk about my mother’s life after the Justice League disbanded and what she did before she became Queen of the Amazons.

The Justice League had disbanded for reasons unknown to me. My mother headed to New York City to try and start a new life for herself as an Ambassador for the Amazons. Even though she was welcomed back home she didn’t wish to return home right away. She didn’t know how her sisters would react to her return so she decided to try and make Themyscira recognized as a country. It was about a month after she began her work at the UN that she was attending a party hosted by one of NYC finest that she met Tyson Bay.

My mother was sipping her cocktail talking about work with several other UN members along with several of NYC richest people. My mother was wearing that black dress she had worn at that party so long ago. She excused herself went outside to stand on the balcony she sighed. She was remembering past times and thinking about her friends. Batman in particular. Though their relationship never worked out they remained good friends. “What am I doing here? This party is no fun at all,” she said out loud.

“If I had to answer that I say you’re bored out of your mind.” A voice told her. She turned to see a tall white man with dark curly brown hair and emerald eyes step onto the balcony. He was wearing a black tux. “My apologize for intruding. I just had to get away for a while. My name is Tyson, Tyson Bay. The trillionair philaporest who is hosting this momentous, but boring occasion.” He said holding out his hand.

My mother shook his hand. “
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