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The name “Snallygaster” is actually a mispronunciation of the term Schnellegeister – which is, itself, a corruption of the German term “schnelle geist,” or “quick spirit.” In Pennsylvania Dutch traditions, a “quick spirit” is responsible mostly for things like sudden drafts, knocking over lightweight household objects or scattering papers. I am uncertain how, exac
tly, the term came to be applied to a dragon-like monster that ate children.
There are two men responsible for the popularization of the Snallygaster in modern times – George Rhoderick and Ralph Wolf, two staff writers at the Middletown Valley Register who thought they would boost sagging circulation with a modified version of old German dragonlore they’d heard as children. They claimed it was intended to be enjoyable mythology but it, obviously, became something far more involved.~ Joshua Drescher
a stylized Snallygaster, is identified with African Americans. The general feeling in the literature, if you read closely, is that the Snallygaster lives in the land of Jersey Devils, Chupacabras, and Mothmen.
Early records of its appearance strongly associated African Americans with the strange flying beast known as the Snallygaster. In modern times, it appeared aggressively in 1909 newspaper accounts in Frederick County, Maryland. Sightings of the creature were so significant that the Smithsonian got involved, and supposedly Teddy Roosevelt postponed a safari to Africa to go hunt the Snallygaster.
hello friends,
hope you're doing well.thanks for visiting.
for the past couple of years i've been dabbling with first it was just friends and myself but lately i've learned to photograph the places i walk through daily and places i hangout in. about a week ago i found a little grove near my home. it seemed spooky at first but i find it to be a bit magical.well it's getting close to all hallows eve so i decided to create something creepy.
it seems both my home here and my birth place have similar urban legends about something called 'quick ghosts'.lucky for me i'd saved the info i'd used a few years ago for my 'burkittsville witch project' image and create my own take on the legend.
i imagine i'll be doing a lot more manips both standalone and combined with my 3d work in the's definitely a blast to do.
anyhoo, enjoy friends...
as always, 'till the dragon flies again,hugs and regards'
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