Demon Victor Ref V.2 Picture

Victor's human reference is here

When Victor was very young, he tried to take on a horde of zombies that ate him alive. A powerful necromancer then reanimated him, and these powers within him were awakened. Victor didn't actually find out what he was until a while after he was reanimated. When he thought he was just some run-of-the-mill inbred retarded demon, he was actually something much, much more.

A very long time ago, during the dark ages, both God and the devil made a 'project' to try and combat eachother with. Most of the time, regular demons and angels aren't allowed on the mortal plane, so they decided to 'breed' their own warriors that could walk the earth and constantly fight for their own reasons, whether it be amusement or direly serious
Victor is the devil's side of this project. He has a number of different hellbeasts within him - archdemon, 'cubi, bhargest, oni, and a dash of asura and lord knows whatever else. Victor is the product of hundreds of thousands of years of careful, selective breeding, like an animal.
The devil says that Victor is "Hell's Champion" but Victor calls himself "Hells Show Dog"

However, like most animal breeding, there are major flaws - stocks are bred for certain traits, and Victor is missing an important few. Victor has to be KILLED to bring this power out - and as such, he can only really summon it when he has been shot, eviscerated, poisoned, or otherwise fatally wounded. His shadows can also be 'blown' off with holy objects, like holy water. He can only sustain this form for about fifteen to twenty minitues before his body heals itself and his power is cut off.

Interestingly though, he can absorb the nearby 'essences' of monsters or human beings to take on different forms. If fighting a werewolf, vampire, or other creature he can mimic its form to use its strengths against it. When absorbing the essences of human beings, depending on that humans occupation and interests will give him different forms. IE A person who's a cowboy enthusiast will turn him into a demonic cowboy, a person who's an entomologist will grant him an insectoid form, a person who is interested in greek mythology could turn him into a manticore or hydra.

Some examples of forms are here, here (featuring Henry and Cypress) and here

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