Finn's youth_Salmon of wisdom Picture

This one is a picture of Finn's youth. Yes also big bossy chieftains were someday a little cute boy ^^. I love the expression XD he' just like.. "look Finnegas look I caught it I caught it!!" XDD
yes this scene is my version of "Finn and the salmon of wisdom".
Finnegas is the man who tried for many years to catch the fish which ate the holy nuts of wisdom which do grow under the ocean. The salmon of wisdom.
Well.. Finnegas told Finn not to eat the fish but to cook it for him. So the little FInn did as he was told to but unfortunately he burnt his thumb and sticked it in his mouth to cool it down. At this point the whole wisdom of the fish goes into Finn.
When Finnegas asked Finn whether he ate of the fish Finn said no but told Finnegas that he had burnt himself and licked at his finger. Finnegas said than the fish was there for Finn to eat and Finn did so.
Well.. this pici is a bit sketchy because I actually didn't want to draw anything but then this happened o.O* ^^
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