628.Abiku's prey Picture

A creature from African origin, I've been studying this boogeyman( [link] ) for quite a while now. Even since I read Brom's( [link] ) "The Plucker"( [link] ), I can't help but learn more about this repulsive creature. Though, the more I learn about it, the more I fear. For it seems like somehow the Abiku cursed me, it seems to have inflicted my shoulder but that's probably just my nerves taking a racking from the pills that psychiatrist used to put me on years ago. Mainly they were to control my anger but unfortunately that has malformed into something else. Forming into a shadow.

Enough about me, this is a design for my own version of the Abiku when he'll be used in Camoflauge. He cursed the one known as Sniper making him unconscious while he ate his parents. That boy could be a early design of human skinned sniper, but I prefer what sniper looks like now, differing himself from Bob. Apparently, a lot of the Yoruba African culture will inhabit my story. Not due to being conscious to the well being of respect of minorities, but just because I would like to expound and teach different cultures such as the Norse mythology of Fafnir and maybe a surprise visit of the fates! Then we have Japanese culture of the Oni.... Hm, I surprisingly focus a lot on Ogres as well... Maybe I'm just sympathizing for Shrek. Whatever.

Abiku design©
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