Boo and Buggy Picture

Is anyone else seeing these random pictures while uploading? It's freaking me out! O.o

Here's an extra lovely picture of Boo. If he was a real person he'd more often than not look like this. Unhappy, and hiding most of his face behind his hair.

That's just his face though, he's not really unhappy. And his hair is constantly shifting because... well look at it! That's alot of hair. For him, it's way too much effort to move it out of the way.

The creepy guy with the glowing eyes is Boo's "son" August. Boo calls him Buggy but he's the only one allowed to do so. In the rp the other characters call him Buggy or Bug too but that was meet with explosive hostility. Of course for the sake of story I dulled it until he just glared at them for it. Otherwise he would have killed them all.

Where Boo is pretty much a pacifist and the most chill guy in the world, Buggy is the most violent and hot-blooded. The only thing that keeps his fellow classmates safe is the fact that Buggy loves his father and respects (though doesn't understand) that Boo values life.

By the way Buggy isn't a psycho per se. He's a creature called a Bugbear. In mythology they are bear-shape beings that were pretty much.... Boogiemen. In the rp I had Bugbears as one of the animals that appear in Boo's homeworld "The Space In-between." They are the only thing that Boogiemen fear because they break all of their rules. When you hear stories of children getting pulled under their beds, never to be seen again, it's cause a Bugbear ate them.

So Buggy, being a Bugbear, can't help but see humans as nothing more than prey. His moral code is ambiguous at best. Doesn't help that Boo is the same way to a lesser degree since he doesn't see any problems with his son taking a chainsaw to school. As long as no one dies.

Oh... Lemon and Strawberry are on this page somewhere.
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