Kin Eater Picture

Took me sometime, I had started this and forgot about it for a while then I went back and finished it.

Here you witness the horror that is the 'Kin Eater' my oc Eiros Frealanser. This his one of his methods of eating his prey, in his left hand there is a seal, when that seal is released his markings turn red and serpents, tendrils, tentacles, worms, leeches, dragons, and some other monsters that come through that seal. These creatures are but a part of his real nature.

He is a monster that devours men and monster alike, his other way are like stacks that protrude from his chest and puncture through the prey sucking them into a purple eye on his chest that appears when seals are removed.

Eiros was taken in by a vampire coven and treated like a bulldog, sent out to assassinate others who may threaten the coven. One day however those vampires all disappeared...... You can see why. He ate them. Eiros is a type of Greed if you want to him that.

and he keeps a lot to himself, traveling in mercenary bands to hunt monsters for a living though people know of him as the Kin Eater.

I've based Eiros off of the Taotie with some Wiki info:

TaoTie: Is a mysterious monster in ancient Chinese mythology. It is said that the monster was very greedy of eating and would eat anything within its sight. It over all is a monster of greed that even ate it's body and only it's head remained. Often place on bronzes and ritual vessels out fear. And depicted as a ram.

One of four prominent Chinese demons representing evil virtues

Eiros oc belongs to me.
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