Anglesey Relationships Chart Picture

[Time for an explanation now, yes?]

Red Hearts:
Kris considers Lukas a best friend, mostly because he can see her pet dragon and often shows her where fairies are. She's been close to him since childhood, but if there's anything more, no one will know for Kris is too closed up and Lukas shows no expression.

Berwald is considered a best friend to Kris because he's a good listener and often hears all her problems. Kris also agrees that Berwald and Tino look cute together, so that's an up on Berwald's side.

Although Tino doesn't agree with Kris' idea of pairing him up with Berwald, he does consider Kris a close friend; mostly for her creativity when it comes to children's toys.

Although Arthur constantly tells her to stay away from the Frenchman, Kris has always seen Francis as an excitement rush she's been 'wanting' ever since her hormones went out of whack. Arthur often says he's dangerous for her, not that she ever listens.
Bonus secret; during one of Alfred's parties, Kris and Francis have had a one nighter and she's not the virgin Arthur claims her to be.

A cousin and friend, Kris has considered Alfred to be one of her...louder friends. She prefers the quiet and gets annoyed when he is loud or disrupts her time with Matthew, but he is always there when something happens.

As a constant baby sitter, Arthur gets annoyed with Kris, but does enjoy her company. Kris finds the Brit to be cute but irritating when he wont admit to something. They also share the connection of seeing fairies, unicorns, flying mint bunny and Kris' pet dragon.

Both being alone and secluded, Kris and Ivan have gotten closer over the years. Although her father and uncle remind her he's bad news, Kris has never seen that side to him so assumes it doesn't exists and that they're telling her stories again.

Kris has her heart pounding and body racing when she's so much as the same building as Roderich. However, with Elizabeta always being beside him, Kris can't express her feelings for the Austrian. Not to mention the guy's a rip-off.
Bonus; Kris only composes her own songs to get the feeling to Roderich, but whether he understands and refuses to speak or doesn't is unknown.

N Italy:
Kris and Feliciano go back quite a while, mostly because Feliciano taught her how to cook edible meals. She often uses pasta in her meals, but it does consist of putting it in an oven with meats and sauces not made in a pan of boiling water.

Kris and Gilbert are only friends because of one thing; their dislike in Elizabeta. Although Kris can't say she hates Liz like Gilbert does, she can say they wont be friends anytime soon.

Kris has her heart set on the sweet Canadian; mostly in debt for looking after her during WW2. She often visited Matthew and it's because of him Kris enjoys hockey and pancakes as much as she does, and she's 'perfected' her skill in Celtic pancakes and makes them whenever she's visiting Matt.

Kris and Switzerland only have one thing in common, but that one thing is able to keep them inseparable; they're both tight for cash. Although Kris is taking tips from Switzerland, she's learning fast.

Kris honestly felt bad for Latvia; being so small she understood when he was bullied by Ivan. Kris was able to stand up for the Latvian, although not officially for she herself lacked in strength with Ivan, but at least her few words helped Ravis out of a little pain.

Blue Circles:
Although Kris dislikes her obsessive behavior, Kris has never been able to separate herself from the Belorussian. Besides; having her as a friend is always a good way to keep Ivan in line.

How can you live with the same lunatic for your life time and have only him to talk to without become somewhat friends? Although not best friends, Peter and Kris are happy together...probably because Arthur's such a bad parent the two play pranks on him all the time.

S Italy:
Lovino confessed the only reason he hangs around with Kris is because of her cheap tomatoes and so he's not left out since his brother is one of her close friends....that and Kris has a dislike in Antonio he can't deny but enjoy.

Due to their languages and personalities being close together, they couldn't help but become work-a-holic business buddies.

Kris, although has a bad history with Kiku, has often tried to patch things up because of their enjoyment in anime and drawing, along with their desire of seclusion.

Kris and Hercules get along due to Kris' amazement in Greek Mythology and horoscopes. Although Kris enjoys horoscopes, the same doesn't go for Yao.

Reason why they're friends? No one is quite sure, but some say Kris ACTUALLY dressed up with him, but I've a feeling he takes the dresses Arthur forces her to wear.

Brown Crosses:
Kris dislikes Matthias for a number of reasons; he drinks alcohol, he has a big ego and most of all, he's an idiot. Should I say anymore?

Kris dislikes Kat's tandrum like behavior, whether it's on purpose or not. She's also jealous her 'melons' aren't as big.

Kris is simply jealous of Michelle because of her small size yet her big popularity.

Kris is rather racist toward Mohammad, although no one is really sure why. Ever since 9/11 she's been barking at him whenever they're in the same room, yet Kris is curious about his religious views...can the two find peace and work together or keep arguing?

Kris, although has a work-a-holic nature, dislikes Germania's serious nature. It's unknown why, but Arthur says it might be because as a child, Kris was forced to work at a young age with no love or affection.

Ancient Rome:
There is only one word that can describe the tension between these two, although Grandpa Rome doesn't know why.

No one is sure why these two get on, but Matthew says it could be because Maximo smokes cigars, but Alfred says it could be because of that one time he ate Maximo's ice cream and he blamed it on Kris.

Jealousy from her amazing waffles, Kris continues to try, but remains to fail and create her pancakes over with gaps in them.

Again, jealousy has brought these two apart. Mostly because Mei can wear baggy clothing while Arthur forces her in his old Victorian era attire.

Hong Kong:
No one is sure why these two dislike one another. The two never even open their mouths yet the aura between them gets thicker the longer they're around.

South Korea:
Kris dislikes Im's attitude to 'everything originated in Korea', however she's warmed up a little since Gangam Style by Psy became popular.

Naturally, if Kris enjoy's Hercules' history, she's going to dislike Sadik's. She's also racist to him for his religion, although Hercules said what she hates most is his body hair.

No one knows why these two don't get on. They both love technology, although it took Kris a while to get used to it, and they both have slow internet connections... Ravis mentions it's because Kris has a thing for glasses, but Eduard never let her wear his.

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