To live is to die page 1 Picture

Ok lets put it streigth im not going to stop making the AMF comic so dont worry...i've just got bored a little bit and wanted to do something new.Well here you go
As Efka asked ive made a smaller full view so it wont go gozilla when you'll whant to read the textlines.This page was done on a 'almost dead' inkpen...i was figthing with it for six hours ^^
For the first time the inkpen was the one who gave up erlyer^^
'Bout the symbols on this page in the nordic mythology there was a goddes who ate the souls of the sinners...she could transform herself into a pig
The rest you must uncode by yourself....there aint no psycho blabling there this time ^^
The title is taken from a Metallica song...writen by Cliff Burton (+rest in pece+)
Ok enjoy.....faq its 5 AM in the morning XD
Boy im fucked up
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