A Divine Sense of Humor Picture

This is the last comic page of my final project for my Invitation to Philosophy class. The paper was titled "A Personal Mythology to Aid in my Quest for Self Knowledge". Here is an excerpt from the Paper:

"The next comic, “A Divine Sense of Humor” is a behind the scenes look at God’s plan for his new creations. I believe he never intended for Adam and Eve to remain in the Garden of Eden. He created an entire world for them to explore! Eden was their playpen, the safe harbor of their birth. This is where they were allowed to grow and become used to being humans. When they ate of the Tree of Knowledge, God knew they were ready to move on.

My God has a wicked sense of humor, as do I. I have often joked that God is like a bored MIT student with too much knowledge. When he created man, he gave them free will in order to make his own eternity interesting. He continues to provide each of us with choices, some good, some bad, and he knows what will happen with which ever choice we make. But, he does not know which path we will choose.

The artwork in this paper is an example of the types of changes this class has encouraged me to make in my life. When it was suggested that I include comics in my paper, I had the option to say no. Before being introduced to the works of Joseph Campbell, I never would have attempted these comics as a final project. Everything I've taken from this class told me that I needed to accept this challenge set before me. In accepting it I’ve proven to myself that I can create under a deadline and the results are something to be proud of. In doing the right thing, I have been uplifted. I have spread the pieces of my personality out on paper in an arrangement that brings me a true happiness and love for my creations. And since these are all me, I have experienced a love for myself that I’ve neglected for too long. I look forward to the doors that will open for me as I continue down this path. Thanks to this class, I will continue to follow my bliss.

Campbell, Joseph. The Hero with a Thousand Faces. Princeton, NJ: The Princeton University Press, 2004.

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