Top 10 Faves Picture

I finally did this too xD

1. Fallout 3
This Game is epic!
2. Mass Effect (+2)
I like ME2, too ('cause you can mate Garrus *g*) but I was to lazy to add it xD
3. Dead Space
...this is one fucking shit! I really was scared to play till the end (and huge big biss is huge!).
4. Alien versus Predator 2
I spent days to play this again and again and again and...
5. Wolf Quest
I realy enjoyed that game ^^ 'Till an eagle ate one of my pups... I didn't managed to kill that damn eagle! Or at least save my pup ;__;"
6. Spore
A cool game, but I played it that often, that I lost the interest at the moment...
7. Too Tycoon - complete collection
Only bought it 'couse I had a Demo-edition and wanted to play it with all features xD Now I'm playing it everytime I'm bored xD
8. Age of Mythology
I played AOEmpires as a child... I saw this, I wanted this xD
9. Anno 15o3
was also a Demo like Zoo Tycoon
10. Every single Pokémon-Game
Ok, not every one, but the most. I really like those games, more than the movies or the series u.u

Wanna do this too? ^-^
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