Nightmare Nibbler Picture

Name: Yume (Japanese for Dream)

Gender: Female

Species: Baku (creature form Chinese/Japanese mythology)

Element: Magic


Sleepless Snarl: Some of the nightmares Yume's been eating escape and terrorize enemies (it sounds like a snarl, but it's actually just her belching).

Dream Dash: Sweet dreams cover Yume's body acting as a shield as she charges through enemies.

Nightmare Knockout: A power move used to tackle and beat up nightmares, don't worry she won't eat what she catches in the waking world.

Bio: Yume and her family worked in Sleepless Steppes, a small village cursed with nightmares. Each night Yume and her fellow Baku worked hard to keep the nightmares at bay, but it was taking it's toll. The Baku were starting to get the same crippling nightmares that afflicted the villagers. Yume and a small band of her kind set out to find a way to halt the endless flow of nightmares. The searched for months, but leads just went dry one by one. The others gave up hope and went back to the village. Yume was determined to stop this weaver of wicked dreams and let the poor people of Sleepless Steppes have a good night's sleep.


- Both good dreams and bad dreams are tasty.

- You know a Baku ate your dreams when you wake up and you know you had a good dream only to forget what it was about.

- Yume also enjoys some waking world food.

- Sleepless Steppes was originally known as Sweet Steppes.
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