Fefnir and Fafnir Picture

Twin-headed dragon, based off Norse mythology (except in Norse mythology it was only Fafnir (I think that's the variation they used)).

In Norse Mythology, Loki killed and ate an otter one day and made a belt of its skin. On his way back to Asgard, he decided to stay at the palace of the dwarf king, Hreidmar. Unfortunately, it turned out that the otter was actually Hreidmar's son, Otr (haha, very funny old Norse people). So Loki gave Hreidmar enough yellow gold to fill the otters pelt and enough red gold to cover it. Unfortunately, a whisker was still protruding, so he hid it with a cursed ring (Andvarinaut) that had been stolen and cursed by the fish-dwarf Andvari. So beautiful was the precious...I mean...ring that Hreidmar was killed by his sons, who then killed each other. Fafnir was the only one left (in my version it's Fafnir and Fefnir who decided to join together) and was turned into a dragon to eternally guard the gold. Or at least until he was killed by the warrior, Sigurd. Who then at part of Fafnir's cooked heart and learned his father, Fafnir's only surviving sibling, was planning on killing him for the gold. That's one screwed up family. Good job, Loki. You managed to kill of practically all of the dwarf royal family.

Anyway, like how I created Garmr, I also created these two. Based in dragon form off of a double headed dragon toy I have. In human glamour form, the two are never more than 30 feet apart (the span of their necks). Also, the ring Andvarinaut is represented by Fafnir's golden headband (whose runes spell out 'Fafnir' ) and Fefnir's ponytail ring (whose runes spell out 'Fefnir' ). Also, they go to school with Mayura and Narugami.
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