Great Beasts Picture

So I was reading a thing on tv tropes and then decided to draw some big monster-things from mythology/religion. pretty happy with everything except Bahamut really.

one of the great beasts God/Jehovah/Yahweh/Allah/whoever made to prove his strength by destroying them in the times before the world. you can see the exact moment I remembered it had a tail made of tree and had to redo it.

Another great beast, this time water bound and significantly larger then Behemoth. not so sure about the exact origins of Leviathan as it apparently was supposed to be Satan as well, or something. Really like how his hands turned out though, very "OH GOD WHY DOES THE SEA MONSTER HAVE THUMBS"-y.

A giant fish from Arabian(?) mythology that holds up the world or something. Kind-of bailed out when doing it as I miss-remembered It as one of the great beasts, probably with that ant who ate so much that it became a whale who couldn't fit in the garden of Eden or something. Its teeth are all wrong... fish don't have man teeth.

-Saint George +Dragon
Saint George wearing semi-anachronistic armor with a pike and sword, ready to face the deadly poison spewing, maiden eating, probably an alligator Dragon from the tale. I drew the dragon so it seemed more serpentine, definitely more of Wyrm-y then I usually go for but it suits the poisonous deadly thing better. I'd also like to think that George wearing a cape and riding a horse to do battle with it are embellishments, and George had the good sense to not bring such an easily startled creature near a poison spewing monstrosity where it could quickly turn into a dead-weight, only exacerbated by George getting caught in his cape as he fell.

Just for the record, I apologize If shunting Allah in there offends anyone but as far as I can tell the passages that the Leviathan and Behemoth show up in are in the Quran. I would like to hear you view on it if you think otherwise though.

"Leviathan's totally not a snake! those are called serpents" -Analt
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