My crews and me... Picture

My teammate in the Squirrel Pirates.

红色皇后(Red Queen in English)
It's me....A scientist who studying Evolutionary psychology and Evolutionary Biology. She is a Sea Languager(a original race), that means she has the ability to understand sea creatures' languages. She ate the Mantis Shrimp fruit, that give her fist super speed and strength.

瘦驼(Skinny Camel)
A veterinarian...He loves animals and has a lot of knowledge. He has the ability to get along well with any animals.

A powerful warrior who had ate the Mamenchisaurus(the biggest dinosaur in China, kind of like a Diplodocus) Fruit. Gentle but very, very strong. He has a lot of interests in dinosaurs and fossils. His weapon is a knight lance that is 4 meter in length, and 1.2 tons in weight.

量子熊猫(Quantum Panda)
A linguist, he wants to translate the ancient language. I know he looks like a mixture of a panda and a red panda, actually he is a Pi Xiu (貔貅), a Mythical animal that eats metals.

Skinny camel's pet, a female alpaca, her name is from the goddess of the moon in Inca mythology.

A Evolutionary Biologist, and a strong fighter. He's a kind, warm-hearted guy who loves pandas(like China in APH, I know...). His fighting style is called Panda Fist, it's said that fighting style created by the Pandaman(XD). He use bamboo and steel claws for weapons.
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