Loviatar: Queen of Tuonela Picture

This is Loviatar. She plays an important role in UC because in my story, she's a beautiful, blind witch whom was wrongfully persecuted by her own people. During that time, Tuoni the Finnish Underwold God fell in love with her and took her down to Tuonela as his queen. She ate the fruit of the dead as part of the marriage rite and became queen. Tuoni and Loviatar often entertained their guests and Cyrina describes them as very civil. They have a daughter together, Tuonetar. Loviatar has dark brown hair, brown eyes and stands at 5'8.

Cyrina's description of Loviatar
In her human life, Loviatar is a beautiful, blind witch that was for unknown reasons, persecuted by her own people for her natural gifts. Tuoni was in love with her the day they met and took her safely into Tuonela. Once Loviatar has eaten the fruit of the dead, she not only is immortal, but also a goddess and queen consort of Tuonela. She's never had to look back on her decision because she's remotely happy with Tuoni. Often she helped entertain their guests with her gifts and stories. They have a daughter named Tuonetar(an amalagram of both Tuoni and Loviatar in one), a virgin goddess of death.

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