my mythology OC: siren savvy Picture

Ok so this is my fnaf OC in the mythology AU. The AU is not mine it belongs to rebornica.
Age: 1000 years in creature form but in human form I'm 22
Creature: siren
Friends: Jeremy the satyr, Mike the gargoyle and Scott the messenger
Enemy's: I guess Fritz the fairy and Vincent the naga. Fritz is annoying and so is Vincent
Hobbies: singing
How do u hunt?: my singing makes pray come to me so when I'm done I kill them.
What do u eat: my family ate anything they got a hold of but I eat fruits and some animals
Why don't u ware a shirt or bra?: because I'm a siren and sirens don't ware cloth unless they are in human form.
if you have any questions you can ask X3

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