Ammit Picture

This is one of Anubis's two 'babies', Ammit, aint she cute?

The reason for this rather random picture is that Anubis is a kind of major player in The Humanity Project, hanging around with Lucifer and whatnot, and I remember from primary (when we did Ancient egypt for a topic) that Anubis had this little friend who ate the hearts of the bad people, called Ammit (please correct me if I'm wrong
However this guy is slightly different to what Ammit is ment to look like, as she is supposed to have the body of a lion and the rear-end of a hippo, whereas my versions have the mane of a lion and the body of a hyena, just because I wanted them to have an annoying sound, hence the 'ha ha' which is ment to be a hyena's shriek but whatever Her brother is Currently living in my school planner, which is good as he is kinda ugly.

Anyways thats just about it from me tonight, Good Boo

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