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This was probably the most difficult meme I've ever filled out. #1 was easy, #2 through #4 were easy to pick though difficult to arrange, and #5 thru #10 were almost thrown in at random because I couldn't decide a specific order. I mean I badly wanted to throw in Titanic and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire in here but couldn't. Anyhow, here are my descriptions for them (if a film shown is a part of a series, I've included my favorite of them to represent it).

#1: Ratatouille - To prevent myself from going on and on about why I think this is the greatest movie ever made, that it was an all-out OUTRAGE that it wasn't even nominated for Best Picture in 2008 and instead we had 5 terrible nominees by comparison (I've seen 3 of them, including the winner), and so on and so forth, I'll just say right now...strong story with an important message, fantastic original score by Michael Giacchino, brilliantly-selected color palette, and the fact that it is just too cute. This is a movie to see before you die, so make sure that this film is on your bucket list if you haven't seen it.

#2: Back to the Future series - This film is one of those rare delights that keep you interested right until the end. It's difficult to describe other than that. Though I'm assuming most of you have seen these films, so you know what I mean.

#3: Star Wars series - Well,'s Star Wars and lightsabers are awesome. XP Most people might attack me for this, and I'm a little embarrassed to say it as well, but Revenge of the Sith is my favorite in the series. Most people would go with The Empire Strikes Back and that's fine, I love the original trilogy, but I thought Revenge of the Sith was THE perfect set-up for the original trilogy (plus it gave the prequels a sense of redemption after Attack of the Clones).

#4: The Mummy series - Or more specifically, The Mummy Returns. And when I say "series", I mean NOT Tomb of the Dragon Emperor. That was a joke. But The Mummy Returns is what I view as the perfect B movie. It's oodles of fun right from the start and Alan Silvestri's score is a perfect accompaniment for the film. I heavily enjoyed this movie because I held great interest in Egyptian mythology when I was a kid and this movie both enhanced it and preserved that interest to this day.

#5: The Lord of the Rings series - Nothing more needs to be said. Though I understand that an opinion is an opinion, but I believe The Lord of the Rings should be on everyone's meme.

#6: The Lion King - I know few people who haven't grown up on this film. This is where my morals came from and possibly where my creativity spawned as well. What I love most is that the movie feels like 3 movies in one in 3 distinct acts: you have the famous introduction sequence (though seriously, that itself could've been a complete film), then we have Simba's childhood, and finally his progression into maturity. But most of all, the music is how the film became as huge as it is; the African vibe in the score is so calming that I could listen to it all day. The songs in the film are so memorable that it's not difficult to have them memorized after viewing the film several times. It’s also the source of my favorite song of all time: “I Just Can’t Wait to be King”.

#7: Hercules - I guess I've always been somewhat reeled in by "zero-to-hero" stories (no pun intended) as I could always relate to the main character as a kid and they would always give me a sense of hope that things would change for me when I got older. This movie is probably the best example of this. Some don't herald it as a "Disney classic", but my only question is...why not?

#8: A Series of Unfortunate Events - Haha, I watched this movie every day for the longest time after it came out on DVD. But there is good reason for that. This film covered the first three books in the franchise, and it was really quite faithful to the books despite the fact that the end of the first book was moved to the end of the third one (which worked pretty well, regardless). It captured the unique feel that the books had and I ate it all up for that. Thomas Newman’s score is a unique take on composing and it fits the film like a glove. Of course, we can’t forget Jim Carrey’s excellent portrayal of Count Olaf.

#9: The Incredibles - I love Pixar’s films especially, but the one problem they all have is that you want to watch them over and over again, to where you unexpectedly realize that they lose their impact if watched too frequently. The Incredibles is an exception to this. I would also herald this is the best super hero ever movie ever made; all others lack layers in comparison. Plus, who couldn’t love Brad Bird as Edna?

#10: Kung Fu Panda - When DreamWorks entered 3D animation, it became evident after a certain amount of time that they were just Pixar in crap form. Kung Fu Panda is one of those exceptions. I couldn’t really decide if I liked the first or second film better, so I just threw in the image of the first film’s box art simply because Shifu has more screen time (he’s almost absent in KFP2). I also admire the intro sequences in both films.

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