Ahyoka Picture

Story and Involvement: Love of a Western Lamina

good girl


Age: looks to be 18

Height: 6' 2''

(human half) Skin color: White

Snake tail pattern: Western Rattlesnake

Eye color: Purple

Hair color: Blonde (it's usually a braided ponytail)

Personality: Ahyoka is a voracious predator, much like the other laminas she lives with. Despite this she is compassionate, usually putting others before herself, except for when it comes to food, then she can be a little...grabby. Ahyoka is also very cunning, more than capable of getting herself out of a jam. This cunning-ness is needed because she can also be pretty naive, sometimes she doesn't quite understand the dangers around her. She does have a toxic bite, it's more like a sleeping serum that takes ten minutes for full effectiveness.

Backstory: Ahyoka, whose name means "Bringer of Joy" in Cherokee, despite the fact that Northwestern Nebraska was controlled by mainly the Pawnee tribes, is the daughter of the tribal chief Chusi (whose name means Snake Flower in the same language). Her Lamina tribe originally occupied the East Coast until the Europeans took over, the sheer numbers of them plus the human tribes already there was too much for them so they moved to what became known as Nebraska, and they easily made a home out of it. Years later, they still prey upon the humans, whom were an intellegent delicacy to the Laminas, that settled there, but it became forbidden for any one Lamina to eat more than one human in one day. Reason being that they wanted to keep human numbers up and it was too dangerous because humans do almost everything in groups. Ahyoka follows that to the letter, despite the fact that her instinct claw at her to have more. One day, Chusi's scouts have learned that a group of European type humans have moved west and now they are blowing up their mountain home in search of some strange substance called "Gold". This meant that the Laminas would have to move again, but this time the humans are blocking the way out of the mountains at all six points. Ahyoka believes she can convince the humans to look for their gold somewhere else, but everyone else in her tribe believe otherwise. It's going to take either a miracle, or a single human that will listen to her. But who?


Finally, I've gotten Ahyoka drawn, she's the leading lady mind you all. Yes, I still plan her to have a braided ponytail, I just forgot about it when I was drawing this piece and when it struck me, it was too late so I decided to just say she has undone her hair today.

Pretty, isn't she? I wouldn't mind helping her :3

I know what some of you are thinking, why'd you pick the term "Lamina"? Well, for one thing it fit the story title better than naga. Another thing is that I did a little research, nagas are supposed to be shape shifters, and they are Hindu. We all know Laminas are from Greek mythology, originally from the name of the woman that literally ate babies, some say she had legs, others she was like this. I tend to think she's like this, why else would the name stick to these kind of wondrous creatures.

I know the artwork's not perfect, but I think I did well with her

steal her and I will rip you to shreds, shoot your remains with a 20-gauge shotgun, and then burn what's left with white fire
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