Philippines OC Bio, (Hetalia) Picture

A/N: Please note that the picture was a design of her pre-colonial clothing, I really hope that she looks okay the photo.

Country: Republic of the Philippines (Repúblika ng Pilipinas)

Human name: Mirasol Tala De Castillo

[A/N: I see a lot of Philippines OCs with the name "Maria Clara De La Cruz", although it is a very pretty name, it just doesn't leave a good taste in my mouth when I say it anymore because it's just overused. Also because it means the perfect woman, which obviously I am trying not to make my OC perfect.
Mirasol is the Spanish word for 'sunflower' and it is often used as a name in the Philippines. Mira means 'the sight' and sol means 'the [sun]'.
Tala is the name of a goddess from Tagalog mythology which means 'bright star or planet'. This was her mother's (Kingdom of Namayan) maiden name. I believe that a Philippines OC should have a name from Filipino origin to show that they are not completely changed from colonisation.
De is a Spanish custom.
Castillo is Spanish for 'castle' and is the eleventh popular most surname in the Philippines
My OC also has an old human name before Spanish colonisation, Marikit Tala. Marikit is from Filipino origin meaning 'beautiful. When Spain had arrived, he changed many things about her, including her name

Gender: Female ("The women walk ahead and their female servants and slaves follow them; behind them walk their husbands, fathers, or brothers, with their man-servants and slaves."-Dr. Antonio De Morga's Sucesos de Islas Filipinas)

-Pearl of the Orient Seas (the sobriquet of the Philippines)
-Asia's Rising Tiger (The Philippines, once called the "Sick Man of East Asia", is now the “rising tiger” of Asia as the government’s economic initiatives and political reforms are improving)
-Gateway of Asia (the term 'gateway to Asia' refers to the American traders' way into investing in Asia)
-Ophir (a wealthy region in the Bible, where King Solomn was given gifts of gold, silver, sandlewood, precious stones, ivory, apes and peacock every three years. Spain believed she was Ophir because of her rich culture)
-Tondo (one of the three oldest kingdoms of the Philippines, and her old name)
-Rice Doll of Aisa (because rice is her main agricultural product, rice is considered as her staple food)

Age: 1115+ years (Physical appearance is 20)

Birthday: March 16, 1521 (When the Philippines was found by Spain)

[A/N: I know most Philippines OCs are June 12 because it's the Independence Day, I feel as if that's overly used]

Height: 4'11 (average height of a Filipina)

Weight: 117 pounds (medium frame body)

Location: South-East Asia

Blood-type: O+ (common blood type)

Official Language(s): Filipino (mainly the dialects Tagalog and Cebuano are most used), English

Foreign Languages: Spanish, Japanese, Malay, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese (all the languages listed she knows a few words and sentences, she is not fluent in them)

Regional Languages: Akanon, Bikol, Chavacano, Hiligaynon, Ibanag, Ilocano, Ivatan, Kapampangan, Kinaray-a, Maguindanao, Maranao, Pangasinan, Sambal, Surigaonon, Tausug, Waray-Waray, Yakan

Indonesia (elder sister)
Malaysia (elder sister)
East Timor (younger sister)
Republic of Kaleido (younger sister)
Democratic People's Republic of Urbonia (younger brother)
Kingdom of Treisia (younger sister)
State of Arina (younger sister)
Kingdom of Maynila (elder brother)
Kingdom of Namayan (mother)
Vietnam (Austronesian cousin)
Taiwan (Austronesian cousin)
Thailand (Austronesian cousin)
New Zealand (Austronesian cousin)
Papua New Guinea (Austronesian cousin)
Brunei (Austronesian cousin)
Singapore (Austronesian cousin)
Madagascar (Austronesian cousin)
Palau (younger brother)
Micronesia islands (Austronesian cousins)
Polynesia islands (Austronesian cousins)
Melanesia islands (Austronesian cousins)
America/United States (younger step-brother)
Mexico (elder step-brother)
Venezuela (elder step-sister)
Romano (elder step-brother)
Veneziano (younger step-brother)
Argentina (elder step-sister)
Cuba (elder step-brother)
Chile (elder step-brother)
Equatorial Guinea (elder step-sister)
China (elder brother)
India (elder brother)
Spain (step-brother)
Portugal (step-brother)
France (step-brother)
Brazil (cousin)
Seychelles (They like to consider themselves as cousins) [A/N: scholars assume that Austronesian seafarers were the first to visit the Seychelles that was unhabited at the time]
[A/N: Filipino families are extended]

Friends: United States/America (main trading partner), United Kingdom (largest European investor) Australia, Japan (main trading partner), South Korea, Thailand and New Zealand.

(She is quite close to France as France is the second largest investor in the European Union and the first country to establish a consul with)

Rivals: Iraq, China (territorial dispute, China and the Philippines have the most toxic relationship in Asia), Soviet Union, Hong Kong (resolved) and Taiwan (resolved)

(The Philippine doesn't really have any relations consider as 'enemies' yet, more likely to be 'rivals' at the moment)

Appearance: Philippines is a young adult who wears a Maria Clara on formal on special occasions (the traditional dress). The camisa (long sleeved and collarless blouse) is white, the pañuelo (scarf) is grey and the saya (skirt) is red.
Business attire is a black blazer over a white blouse, a black pencil skirt, dark grey stockings and black heels.
Her casual outfit is a white tank top, denim high shorts and flip flops. She always has two sampaguita flowers in her hair that are only half seen as only half of it is covered (this represents the Tinago Falls, Tinago means 'hidden').
She has dark brown eyes and her skin is light brown. Her waist length hair is black and, unlike her sisters, curly (long hair is respected in the Philippines). Her hair irritates her as she has to constantly fix it before she sits down, when it's windy and brushing it takes a long time, she prefers tying her hair up most of the time. She has a floating curl sticking out the the right side of her head that represents Palawan and has two floating dots near Palawan, the one closer to the curl represents Spratly Islands she owns (Kalayaan) and the higher one closer to her head is Scarborough Shoal (Kulumpol ng Panatag). [A/N: Her curl is not an ero-zone, it's her hair and it will hurt it you pull it] Her hair is parted to the left (observer's left), however it becomes parted to the right (observer's right) when at war. Philippines is the only country who does this (reference: When the Philippines flag is vertical, the blue field will be on the left [observer's left] and represent that the Philippines is at peace. When the red field is on the left [observer's left], it means that the country's at war)
She has a narrow waist, but something not so feminine about her is that she has broad shoulders. She has a small, flat nose which she is not proud of and has chubby cheeks due to eating quite a bit.
Philippines is a little thick around the thighs and feels insecure about this due to today's supposed "perfect" body shape of having a thigh gap.
She wears a long dark blue beaded necklace, representing Manila (capital of the Philippines).
On her upper arms, wrists, the right side of her torso, stomach and left thigh she has tattoos (tattoos were seen as beautiful and also showed the strength women had, enduring pain. They are symbolic and those who didn't have tattoos were considered barren).
Covering her left shoulder blade are burn marks, from the Doña Paz as the vessel and sea was set on fire (named Asia's Titanic), covered underneath her clothing. She also has three scars on her back from some of the wars she had with some of her colonisers (Battle of Mactan, Philippines revolution and Philippine-American War).

Personality and interests: Philippines is a hospitable, motherly young woman, who works as a seafarer, an English tutor, a maid and a nurse. She is a bit of a neat freak for having to clean, she takes her shoes off before she enters hers, or anyone's, home so she doesn't bring any dirt inside (a common Filipino trait).
She's very religious (one of the two Roman Catholic countries in Asia, the other being East Timor) because of Spain and the help of France, but believes in a lot of myths, legends and creatures (Filipinos are very superstitious), also having "imaginary" friends, which are much darker and scary looking. [A/N: No, she does not have wibbly wobbly special desu powers]
However, Philippines cannot see creatures that are not related to her mythology, (e.g. Unicorns and Flying Mint Bunny).
Most of the time, Philippines is very positive and cheerful and enjoys being with other countries, she gets even more excited when meeting people and is hardly ever shy (Filipinos are very open and are happy most of the time. The Philippines is the most friendly country in Asia).
She is overly dramatic and easily offended when insulted. The person who made her upset will only get endless counter-insults until they apologise, or she'll just spam their phone with texts if she doesn't even want to look at them.
She can turn into an angry knife fighter if anyone dare try to insult her food (it doesn't even matter if she doesn't have her bolo swords, she is a boxer. The worse thing she'll do is taking off her shoe [A/N: it's scary]).
She does tend to boast about herself (Filipinos are very proud of their country) and is a leech when complimented because she will feed off of that compliment by pretending that she is embarrassed or didn't hear you properly.
When it comes to food, Philippines is total glutton (a common Filipino trait). She is also a great cook, even if she creates some atrocities at times (her balut and dinguguan are lethal).
Like everyone else, Philippines also has a breaking point. Although it is extremely rare for her to snap, during WWII, Japan and America have seen her darker side and is frightened by her getting angry, (Filipinos are creatively cruel when they want to be. It's scary). Thankfully, she has incredible patience.

-sports (mainly basketball and boxing)
-Tong-its (a popular card game in Luzon)
-arnis (fighting art in the Philippines)
-pool (Philippines won the international game World Cup of Pool three times, she is the best player in the world, and has been called a legendary champion. She is incredibly serious when it comes to pool)
-beauty contests (Philippines won three times in Miss Tourism International and is the current title holder)
-selfies (the Philippines is the selfie capital of the world)
-purple sweets (Filipinos LOVE purple sweets)
-beer (can out-drink anyone except for Russia [2nd] and South Korea [1st]. She's an emotional drunk)
-dramas (Korean dramas, soap operas and telenovelas are her favourite)
-clothes (specifically Seychelles Shoes and dresses)
-vinegar [A/N: I don't know why, but we love to drown our food with vinegar]
-chess (ranked third as best chess country in Asia, behind China and India)
-youtubers [A/N: S, ThatcherJoe, Casper Lee and Oli White were in Manila before, and there were thousands of fans waiting at the airport for them, there were film crews, photographers. They were also escorted by the police and Joe said he felt "properly famous"]
-Rob Schneider

-dim sums
-China trying to claim her share of Spratlys Islands (Kalayaan), and Scaborough Shoal
-being hungry
-nuclear weapons
-being insulted
-being bullied by China (Taiwan says that the Philippines is China's heavily bullied country)
-being ignored
-people not taking their shoes off when entering her house
-losing her phone
-Indonesia mad (Philipines is absolutely terrified when her big sister's angry)
-being shunned by other Asian countries as she is "different" (the Philippines was the only Christian country in Asia until East Timor became independent, they are both more Westernised by the others)
-Maths (based on stereotypes, the Philippines is the only Asian country that is bad at maths)
-being culturally confused (since 1898)
-Canada dumping garbage at her house [A/N: Canada, STOP. Seriously, you're fucking up the environment.]

-A grey Pusakal cat named Pepé (A filipino street cat that has no specific breed. Pusa stands for 'cat', and kal is for 'kalye' or 'street')
-An orb-weaver spider named Marie that is her little champion for Spider Fighting (a popular blood sport in the Philippines)

-MaPhilIndo (Indonesia, Philippines and Malaysia, dissolved)
-Association of SouthEast Asian Nations/ASEAN (Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar/Burma and Vietnam)
-Asia's Tiger Cub Economies (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Indonesia)
-Southeast Asia Treaty Organisation/SEATO (the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan [along with East Pakistan which is now called Bangladesh], Philippines and Thailand, dissolved)
-New Axis (US, Japan, Vietnam and Philippines, because of the dispute with China, these four are apparently the "New Axis")
-Beauty/Dynamic Trio (Philippines, Brazil and Venezuela. These three countries won all the titles of the Big Four beauty pageant. At one point, the trio was banned from beauty pageants for two years because of their extraordinary winning streak and consistently getting into the top five, this was ban was lifted)
-Spider Trio (Singapore, Philippines and Japan. They are major Spider Fighting fans)

-*to anyone who visits her* "Kumain ka?" (Have you eaten yet?)

-*annoyed* "Ay nako!" (For crying out loud!)

-*during a pool game* "The only people I'll be happy to lose to is either Pinlandiya (Finland), Alemanya (Germany) or Amerika (America). They're some of the best pool players I know, po, I love versing them."

-*lazy* "Bahala na sa Diyos". (Leave it to God)

-*praising rice* "A meal is not a meal without rice."

-*boasting about herself* "It's more fun in the Philippines."

-*boasting about herself* "Only in the Philippines…"

-*ego metre overload/drunk* "I'm better than any other country in the world, especially
Kuya Tsina (big brother China)~! I am the diva, so bow down to me!"

-*during a drinking contest* "You hold your Red Horse like a four year old."

-*walking past Insular Ice Plant that makes her self conscious about the time* "Mabilis pa sa a las quatro!" (Faster than 4 o'clock)

Random facts:
-has shown to understand French Sign Language and American Sign Language (Filipino Sign Language is believed to be part of the French Sign Language family and has been strongly influenced by American Sign Language)
-always knew where Yamashita's Gold was hidden ever since WWII, she never went looking for it or told anyone where it was
-hopes that at least one of her kids will turn out to be gay, or she'll be very disappointed (sterotype)
-is a pro at using a yo-yo, whether it's amazing tricks to using it as a weapon (yo-yos were used as weapons in the Philippines history)
-there are a few cracks in the beads of her necklace, referring to the success of warships from India occupying it in 1762. From 1762-1764, Manila was in the hands of Great Britain.
-cuts flowers to give to friends. (Philippine Cut Flower Corporation, PCFC, has a variety of French and Dutch flowers)
-owns farm animals that she lets wander around because they know the way home. [A/N: Like, being legit here, when I was in Manila, I remember going on motorbike rides with my Tita (Aunty) or wandering about with my [ate] (big sister), and I would see all these farm animals going about in the street]
-her necklace originally belonged to her elder brother, Maynila (whom she called Kota Seludong in Old Malay). However, the necklace were given to her when Spain had took over. (referencing to what remains of Kota Seudong)


I'm still planning her background story which might be awhile until it's done. I'm probably going to get this onto a Mary Sue OC Blog, if I do, please send me the link so I can view any pointers you can give me to improve, and to have a bit of a laugh out of it too!

Hetalia belongs to Mr Hidekaz Himaruya
This Philippines OC belongs to me. I do apologise with my utter most sincerity if I offended anyone

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