Nerdscape 1 Picture

So when Kevin Hearne had an Iron Druid book character contest, we were so supposed to send in our photographed "nerdscapes". I then emailed my condensed nerdscape. Sadly it didn't win.
Despite this being only the tip of the iceberg of nerdy "Preciousess" (as Gollum might phrase it). I have displayed some of my comics in the back (Spiderman issues and the indie comic, Peng!), my POTC skull clock (ate a lot of cereal for it), Some of my quartz crystals (love geology), several mythos-based books (The People of Middle-Earth, Dictionary of Celtic Mythology, and Bulfinch's Mythology, and the IDC series). To the center on my barbarian wolf blanket I have my old Pokemon Collector magazine and its trading cards (Yay! Finally got that Charizard). My cell phone in orange and black is also in the center currently being engulfed by faux wolf fur, right next to my French bootleg of The Blue Panther (think of a female James Bond movie parody and that's it). Going to the left I have my junk food which consists of an Oreo tote bag (sadly the real ones have been eaten). Also there's my Ovaltine with Reddi-wip on the top (complete with a bendy straw). And while I collected McDonald's toys they sadly have gone to the rummage sale leaving behind my few, vintage Tootsie Toy vehicles. And that's about it for the picture. Enjoy.
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