the Red moose of Archer Picture

this is another of the mythological fire beasts within Estia, in rumors, the Archer family (family of fire mages) has a tame flaming red moose that they use as a steed, the moose can hurt people with its flames or leave them unharmed when it wants to

in Archer tales, the Red moose was born in the forest to a normal female moose, even at birth it burned so bright and hot that it burned its mother and the entire forest around it to ashes, some say that its birth has something to do with Umah the Ancient of fire, in tales he pet a pregnant female moose on the head the same day he was acknowledged to be an Ancient and so, the red moose was born later that day... (new Ancients have trouble keeping all that power within them, so that might have been the case)... Other story is that a female moose ate phoenixe's droppings and gave birth to the red moose, but that sounds a bit strange, doesn't it?...

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