Hel's Falls File No. 05 Picture

"That's a WEREWOLF?! That looks more like a bear from a demonic 3-ringed circus that ate the clowns... And the Elephants!" -- Dante Wyatt upon his first run in with a Werewolf.

'Ah yes, Werewolves. Like this dimension's Vampires, these boys follow the mythology pretty closely. So yeah, Silver Bullets ONLY! The only difference is that the lunar cycle is extended to the Gibbouses; did I mention how much I "LOVE" this dimension?

Anyway, there are two different types of Werewolf: European and New World. The European Werewolves stand upright and have a more wolf-ish face and have the ability to operate as a pack. The New World Werewolves look like, to quote my friend Dante, "Demonic Bears that eat Elephants" (We actually have those here too. Polar Grizzlies are a bit of a pain in the a$$). They walk on all fours, and for some reason unknown, are unable to function as a pack. They can also get into the oddest places imaginable. Reports show that in one incident, a NW Werewolf managed to get into a subway.

Werewolves are highly territorial. This is obvious fact. Any intruder comes along isn't gonna be there for long. This goes for just about anything that isn't on the menu. Heck, even if its a whole pack of Vampires, the Werewolf that owns the territory will seek&destroy any Vampire it can sniff out. Remember that incident I mentioned about how a large group of Vampires attacked a small town? That was evidently ended by a single NW Werewolf.

Humans infected will usually start off in denial, but as it goes, the person will eventually become mad with raw instinct overruling common sense.

I should probably mention that the Werewolf is only one of two paths of Lycanthropy, but I believe that shall be explained later rather than sooner...


A/N: Finally the Werewolf is out of the way. The design in this image is heavily based on the Werewolf from "An American Werewolf in London"... From what I could frickin' make out anyway! Yeah, I was planning on holding out on this guy for a while longer, but the "Published Fanfiction's" fan stupidity apalls me to no end.

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