Sekhmet Goes Fishing - 1 of 6 Picture

Behold the one of the reasons Pantheon has been non-existent the past few weeks! This is a birthday present for a friend, the same friend who got Bertie Wooster Takes a Stand [link] last year and "The Priest of Nukuro" in 2001.

(Speaking of birthday presents, the very first I did was for another friend in June of 2001. It's called Ian and the Nessie [link] ).

The nice thing about "Sekhmet Goes Fishing" is that you don't need a whole dictionary to understand what the characters are saying, nor a magnifying glass to read the text.

There are a few things, though:

Sekhmet is the lion-headed Egyptian goddess of vengeance. She has appeared before in The Pantheon [link] in the storyline "Thoth and Ganesha Take on Humanity". If you've read it, you'll remember her. She ate a lot of people.

Dakuwaqa (whose name, unless some native Fijians want to come and dong me on the head and tell me I'm a loony, is pronounced "daku-wang-ga" ) is the Fijian shark god. I'm not sure what he really looks like, because I haven't seen a picture, but I think I made a good guess.

There is a real myth about Dakuwaqa's conflict with an octopus. Google and ye shall find.
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