I am a Norse Goddess Picture

Viking blood
In my veins
And I command,
It shall always rain.

No really. I am related on both sides to Germanic and Austrian vikings.
Harig (variation of harry) from my mother's side is Austrian and German I suppose and Tedro (short for Tedrow) from my father's side is German. My cousin from my mother's side took the time to actually seek out our heritage and found out we were related to one of the only two Germanic Viking Tribes that ever existed. There are tales and folklore about a Norse Hero (from iceland) who slew the ancient dragon Fafnir to avenge his foster family and take the treasures that Fafnir had. He is a legend in all nordic countries. (Scandinavia, Iceland, Germany, etc) But there are a few operas of this legend in Germany.

In the Icelandic Volsunga Saga (late 13th century), Fáfnir was a dwarf with a powerful arm and fearless soul. He guarded his father's house of glittering gold and flashing gems. He was the strongest and most aggressive of the three brothers.[2]

Regin recounts to Sigurd how Odin, Loki and Hœnir were traveling when they came across Ótr, who had the likeness of an otter during the day. Loki killed the otter with a stone and the three Æsir skinned their catch. The gods came to Hreidmar’s dwelling that evening and were pleased to show off the otter's skin. Hreidmar and his remaining two sons then seized the gods and held them captive while Loki was made to gather the ransom, which was to stuff the otter’s skin with gold and cover its outside with red gold. Loki fulfilled the task by gathering the cursed gold of Andvari as well as the ring, Andvaranaut, both of which were told to Loki as items that would bring about the death of whoever possessed them. Fáfnir then killed Hreidmar to get all the gold for himself. He became very ill-natured and greedy, so he went out into the wilderness to keep his fortune, eventually turning into a serpent or dragon (symbol of greed) to guard his treasure.[3] Fáfnir also breathed poison into the land around him so no one would go near him and his treasure, wreaking terror in the hearts of the people.[4]

Regin plotted revenge so that he could get the treasure and sent his foster-son, Sigurd Fåvnesbane, to kill the dragon. Regin instructed Sigurd to dig a pit in which he could lie in wait under the trail Fáfnir used to get to a stream and there plunge his sword, Gram, into Fafnir's heart as he crawls over the pit to the water. Regin then ran away in fear, leaving Sigurd to the task. As Sigurd dug, Odin appeared in the form of an old man with a long beard, advising the warrior to dig more trenches for the blood of Fafnir to run into, presumably so that Sigurd does not drown in the blood. The earth quaked and the ground nearby shook as Fafnir appeared, blowing poison into his path as he made his way to the stream.[5] Sigurd, undaunted, stabbed Fafnir in the left shoulder as he crawled over the ditch he was lying in and succeeded in mortally wounding the dragon. As the creature lies there dying, he speaks to Sigurd and asks him what his name is, what his father's and mother's names are, and who sent him to kill such a terrifying dragon. Fafnir figures out that his own brother, Regin, plotted this, and predicts that Regin will also cause Sigurd's death. Sigurd tells Fáfnir that he will go back to the dragon's lair and take all his treasure. Fafnir warns Sigurd that all who possess the gold will be fated to die, but Sigurd replies that all men must one day die anyway, and it is the dream of many men to be wealthy until that dying day, so he will take the gold without fear.[6]

Sigurd Fåvnesbane featured on the portal plank from Hylestad stave church
Regin then returned to Sigurd after Fafnir was slain. Corrupted by greed, Regin planned to kill Sigurd after Sigurd had cooked Fafnir's heart for him to eat and take all the treasure for himself. However, Sigurd, having tasted Fafnir's blood while cooking the heart, gained knowledge of the speech of birds[7] and learned of Regin's impending attack from the Oðinnic (of Odin) birds' discussion and killed Regin by cutting off his head with Gram.[8] Sigurd then ate some of Fafnir’s heart and kept the remainder, which would later be given to Gudrun after their marriage.[9]

Some versions are more specific about Fáfnir's treasure hoard, mentioning the swords Ridill and Hrotti, the helm of terror and a golden coat of chainmail.[10]"

"Siegfried (opera)
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Richard Wagner
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Siegfried, WWV 86C, is the third of the four operas that constitute Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), by Richard Wagner. It premiered at the Bayreuth Festspielhaus on 16 August 1876, as part of the first complete performance of The Ring. This part of the opera is primarily inspired by the story of the legendary hero Sigurd in Norse mythology."
-straight from the wiki
God I do love powerful operas and Norse Mythology. Tales of brutal battles and Valkyries, love and death. Powerful stuff.
One day.

In the background I drew a little Fafnir making Cassandra's cottage his hoard. I love 'em so much he's so precious~

My inspirations; Myself (oh my glob), Norse Mythology, Dragons, Skyyyyyyyyrrriiiiiim, I am the DragonBorn, GOT, Larping, and this one picture on tumblr of a girl wearing a leaf mask

I get so afraid of posting things like this because once it's posted I watch so many disappointing things happen. I don't feel special anymore.
And I am running out of new things that aren't already in use.
But this is special to me. Just as I would assume your ancestry is special to you. <3
Also I looooove hearing ancestry stories. Pretty much any kind history is my thing. So if you know of your roots please do share!

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