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year 2013: 2013 Art Summary ouu yeaahhh

haha yeah it's that time again when I bore you all with recap of passing year and horrible (not really) art!
It feel like I've improved a ton, drawing is more funnier than ever. (I really should do that improvement meme, I got lost in my gallery and found some earlier works from 2011 or something and what is this even, you haven't even seen the worst )

But yeaah to the business! As usual I wont count my comic pages

January: Apparently I drew snk a lot, who knew? I had this epic mission to draw shinganshina trio travelling all around the world but got uninspired when I reached amazon river and didn't feel like painting trees (?? I love painting trees!) and never finished it.

February: My computer claims I scanned nothing finished pieces so be it. At least I sketched something.

March: This was the only thing I could find and can't believe it?? ???? my computer is a liar and I will prove it wrong

April: we had this thing called Hallaus2014 where we edited a paper during one all-nighter in our local library, slept all over the sofas, told really bad jokes at 3 am and ate pizza. 10/10 would recommend, it was awesome. Our magazine had mythology theme so I drew some trolls (among other things) but forget to post them here?? Okay then.

May: Phanniemay had its beautiful comeback (and I'm already waiting the next one) and this time I almost managed to stay in schedule and finish that damn thing.

June: I went home for summer and all the walls in my room were really plain so I had this plan to fill them with art during the summer. It went pretty well expect heavier papers started to fall down casually when I was trying to sleep.

July: mission "cover up these walls" is on and also we made some half-assed art trades with my sister (who I tried to over-speak to put her art on her tumblr or even somewhere because damn I want to see it, it's beautiful).

August: Gravity Falls returned from war/hiatus and everything was beautiful again.

September: I made that song-art thing I had wanted to do for a while. I actually spent whole summer trying to find suitable song and made tons of sketches for different songs and fandoms but then it just clicked. Was fun, aftermath wasn't that fun since I fucked up the tumblr post but people everywhere were so nice and send so beautiful messages I spent days crying over them. God bless.

October: I got this really hella idea about grandmas building great robots and ran with it. Thought I managed to sketch many characters and epic grandma designs the story stayed absent and for now I'm just letting it sleep and maybe return some day with a good plot. At least it woke me to start planning and making oc's, thing that I've neglected for too many years.

November: I had my first turn being GM and it.. would've gone a lot worse than how it went, let's say that. However the picture of my character (that I totally forget to play with in the end) is the only finished thing besides comic pages.

December: Over the Garden Wall came a month ago but I'm always really slow with jumping to draw new fandoms/characters. How does people even do it that fast?? Anyways it's hella series and if you haven't watched it you should be

Bonus round (since some months had too many drawings): I post to my tumblr more often than here (not that often tho) so there are some art I never put in my dA gallery. My art tag is… if anyone's interested. Anyway I chose to play bonus round with art I haven't submitted here

After scrapping robo story I started to play with another one involving magical buss drivers and runaway teenagers. Jooel is character for that story, but as it is only a week old idea or something I don't have a lot to tell.

a would-be page to HiS I made in june and refused to post here since I felt like I could use it later. Have been debating whether or not to post it here after all but naah I'm still gonna use it, just not in the upcomic chapter. I have a story line for this and it's really cute but it will be pushed back for maybe 8th or 9th chapter. I'm willing to bet my art style and skills have improved a lot when that time comes so in the end I might not be using this ever and just redraw it but anyways.

a horror child of poetry class and gravity falls transcendence au

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