Cryptid Sketch: Burronjor Picture

The Burrunjor is an Australian Dinosaur cryptid that resembles the theropod dinosaur T. rex, or maybe a neovenatorid allosaur like Australovenator, Megaraptor, or Raptor. The Burrunjor is described as being a giant lizard according to aboriginal mythology. Based on sightings it is 25 feet long and has small clawed hands and walks on two bipedal legs. Through the 1950s, Australian cattle ranchers have reported a large creature leaving bipedal tracks was eating their livestock. Also, earlier aboriginal accounts suggest that is it a reptilian animal (possibly with feathers) that ate kangaroos and other large animals. If it weren't for the bipedal footprint sightings, the burrunjor could also be a Megalania, a prehistoric giant monitor lizard that lived in the area more recently, base on the aboriginal description. (To see my Megalania sketch, click this link: Cryptid Sketch: Devil Dragon AKA Megalania)

Recent sightings of the creature report the creature having some sort of comb or crest on its head. There is one particular dinosaur that actually fits the profile of the Burronjor, it is called Cryolophosaurus and it lived in Antarctica in the Early Jurassic.
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