Persephone: Judgement Picture

The card Judgement represents the time in which we must all face the consequences of our actions and deeds, be it in reward, or in punishment there comes a period of reckoning in which we must be judged by fate, karma, ourselves, and those around us.

Persephone stands between Dark/light, Life/Death, she connected to both the dead and the living and she also must live the consequences of her own actions. She met her own judgement. After Demeter had convinced Zeus to demand that Hades release Persephone, Hades pressed into her hand several pomegranate seeds of which Persephone was warned not to eat. Persephone was given back her freedom and once more allowed into the world of light and living, but temptation got the best of her and she ate the forbidden seeds thus sealing her fate. Thus it was by her own choices that bond her forever to Hades as his wife. Yet, still she is granted reprieve and freedom once a year.

So it is even in our darkest moments, and even when we do make choices with irreversible consequences, that can never be undone, all hope is not lost.

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