Snake Navallo ref sheet Picture

name: Nathan "Snake" Navallo
age: undetermined, appears in early-mid 20s
species: mythological feathered serpent who takes a permanent human form
body type: tall and skinny
other notes: common states of emotional being are paranoia, lethargy, ecstacy/extreme enthusiasm. all very extreme, of course. His expressions and movements are almost always extreme and exaggerated. He is always either extremely active/hyper or extremely lazy. He acts very bipolar, if that gives you a good idea of his character. He is never sober.

If anyone's familiar with Aztec mythology... I'm butchering the original story to include Snake's revised character.
He is one of the escaped Centzon Huitznahuas- the 400 sons of Mixcoatl. (Mixcoatl fathered the more commonly recognized Quetzalcoatl, too.) In Aztec mythology, Huitzilopochtli, the half brother of the Centzon Huitznahuas, supposedly ate all of their hearts. Snake, however, who was then unnamed, escaped and took to a human form to remain permanently hidden from Huitzilopochtli. He never takes his feathered serpent form (and has probably forgotten how,) but any other nonhuman can sense that he contains no human blood. His behavior is also rather animalistic.
He is close friends with Tampa Lapis, another nonhuman. They are drug-buddies, if you will. Snake is a voracious consumer of any hallucinogen, and is hardly ever in a state of sobriety. He'll take what he can get, though.
He is a little nuts, but a loyal friend to those he can trust.
He is also probably my favorite character ever. 8]

**you guys are probably gonna have to full-view this if you don't mind.
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