Kerchak's Reaper Form Picture

"Listen to me!! If you guys see my father, you run like hell!!!" - Annie warning the straw hat pirates upon sensing her father's presence nearby

Reaper Reaper Devil Fruit is an extremely rare fruit that is considered to be one of the most dangerous and powerful to ever exist as it grants the one who ate it to have the inability to die so long as they absorb the souls of its victims.

It grants the user the ability to transform into a faceless hooded being that is similar to the mythological grim reaper itself but whenever the user is angered or raged, the eyes will glow dark purple and a glowing mouth will appear.

Necromancy is one of the abilities the devil fruit has. It will grant the user the ability to steal or absorb the souls from its victims' bodies and store it within themselves. They can use the souls of its victim to become their willing or unwilling minions to serve. The user can also summon a large scythe from thin air and use for both offensive and defense capabilities as well being able to guild or fly in the air.

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