Cernunnos Sketch Picture

My versions of Cernunnos, the Celtic god of horned male beasts. He's also associated with produce and fertility. The one above the other is his younger self and him when he gets older.
I've been looking up mythology a lot and incorporating them into roleplays >W< For instance, I did a little spin off of Morrigan (a figure in Irish mythology who appears in the form of a crow and flies over the battlefield, sometimes takes the form of a cow, a wolf or an eel.) where I mixed it with a Valraven (Ravens that eat human bodies of soldiers on the battlefield and gained human intelligence as well as magical powers but could only fly at night. They could be turned into a knight or half wolf-half raven creature and move around during the day if they ate the heart of a child) so it was sort of a Valcrow XD In my story Morrigan is a scout for Cernunnos' group of hunters and brings him new warriors. Cernunnos doesn't ask where they came from so Morrigan goes around making deals with people for their children. Cernunnos trains them to hunt hostile creatures, mostly supernatural beings. Alright, that seems like enough info XD
And don't mind the poorly drawn doodle of a hand, I do that a lot to get them down XD
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