Ceridwen Picture

It's DONE.

Done for Dianae's Gods, Goddesses, and Mythology contest: [link]

Ceridwen, according to Welsh mythology, brewed a potion containing all of the world's wisdom, meaning to give it to her ugly son to make him wise. The first three drops were all he would need to consume; the rest of the potion was poison. One day, the boy tending the cauldron accidentally spilled three drops onto the back of his hand, and licked them away to ease the burning.

When Ceridwen realized what had happened, the boy fled and she chased him. He became a rabbit, and she became a dog; he became a fish and leapt into a river, and she became an otter and followed. He became a sparrow and flew into the air, and she became a hawk; at last, he turned into a single kernel of corn, and she transformed into a hen and ate him.

She became pregnant, and knew it was only the boy again seeking to escape - instead of aborting the pregnancy, she sewed her newborn into a sealskin bag and tossed him into the sea. He was found by a fisherman, and grew up to become Taliesin (Merlin).


CLICK DOWNLOAD TO FULLVIEW - original size is something disgusting like 2000 pixels wide, haha. I've never done a painting like this before and am pretty pleased with the results. The only reference was for the hawk.
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