The White Buffalo Picture

This is one of the many Native American mythological creatures that took part in many legend's of Native American folklore.

The Legend:

There once was a large herd of Buffalo which lived in the area surrounding a lake.

One winter, a band of hunters was determined to kill the white bull that led the herd. They tracked the herd for days, killing many buffalo, but each time the white bull escaped.

On one attempt the herd panicked and tried to escape by crossing the frozen lake. The lake could not bear the weight of the buffalo and the cracking of ice competed with the bellows of the herd as they sank into the lake.

The white bull went down last, roaring in defiance as the cold water defeated him. His roar is still heard, coming from the depths of the lake. Ever since, the lake has been known as " The Lake That Roars".

The second legend that refers to this beast and the picture-

Two men in the area of the same lake had no luck in hunting, not even catching a squirrel. As the became desperate, two white buffalo emerged from the lake.

The hunters sneaked up and killed one of them. They prepared the buffalo and ate well for the first time in days.
but as soon as they finished the meat, the hunters began to feel strange. Their limbs began to thicken and to become numb. The change continued as the pair stumbled away from the lake.

Tails and horns appeared on their bodies, and before they got ten paces away from the lake, each of the hunters had become a buffalo.

The pair quietly turned and walked into the lake.
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