{ Jupiter Arboreal MYO :CE: } Picture

{ Name and Meaning }

: Jupiter :

The name derives from a supreme god in Roman mythology who presided over light and heaven and was responsible for the protection of Roman laws.

{ Personality }

Not exactly the best example of courageous he is the exact opposite. He is very cowardly and often is startled by the faintest sound of movement behind him. Luckily when hes tired he doesn't really mind all too much and he is tired almost too often. Only alert is he skittish.

He is pretty quiet most of the time, preferring to keep to himself; although he has a big fear of being alone. Poor guy is so indecisive. But as long as it's silent or maybe very limited talk he's fine with company, he actually prefers it that way!

Being as nervous as he is he really likes to get things done as fast and as neatly as possible, despairing over every little flaw or mistake that passes by his all seeing eyes quite a lot. This being said he HATES group work because the other creature doesn't get everything the way he wants it, but he pulls through despite it all.

When doing things he enjoys he is often at his happiest without any pressure or due-dates he can feel relaxed and do as he pleases! This makes him really passionate about some things and he can be hurt rather easily when someone says something bad about the things he loves!

{ Back-Story }

As a child Jupiter didn't get much attention from either of his parents and he was often left alone to his own whims, this was both good and bad; as he had the freedom to discover more but, often felt lonely and unsure about the world without proper guidance. Growing up he had a very high interest in arts as well as creating and building things from almost nothing! He spent hours alone in his room sculpting clay or painting with whatever colors he had available! He was very enthusiastic about these things, his parents didn't seem to notice his great artistic talent. This didn't effect Jupiter because, well, he was kinda used to it. But he kept trying to impress them whether or not they cared.

Through the months spent alone, Jupiter began to become better and better at art and building, and vaguely wondered how much farther he could go, what limits could he push and when would he be able to use his talents around the nest as well as wondering how would others view his work. Thus he began to worry about whether people would react like his parents or something else. He began to grow very nervous of everything because of this. Watching every move, being careful of every mistake. Only ever stopping when someone had said from afar to do stuff you love and not care about what other people think. This didn't stop him from worrying about the stuff he didn't love though.

Soon when he was ready to leave his parents he had packed up his crafts and left to another nest. Of course his parents didn't pay much mind just a few mumbled goodbyes and a wave or two. It was best he left. Now he resides in a smaller nest, secluded to his own whims but allowing a few close friends to nest with him. He is a very successful builder now although still is a bit finicky with everything and others messing with his projects.

{ Other }

  • Loves the color orange.
  • Favorite fruit is a papaya.
  • Is really bad at directions.
  • Gets lost really easily.
  • Dislikes reading.
  • Loves day dreaming.
  • Day dreams a lot when hes super tired.
  • Hates running but is Okay with climbing.
  • Doesn't know how to make friends they just kinda, come to him.
  • he ate a wasp once.
  • it didn't go well.
  • it. really didn't.


ALRIGHT MY SECOND MYO ENTRY BECAUSE THE IDEA HAS BEEN BUGGING ME SINCE THE LAST ONE OOPS. This one's a simpler design that I really adore and I fell in love with in the process :' ). I REALLY LOVE BOTH OF THEM SO FAR BUT,,, I ,, CANT CHOOSE,,, Expect a 3rd one soon!

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