Saga and Idun - Apples Picture

This picture took waaaay to much time to finish then it should have OTL A suggestion, don't chat and fangirl over Hetalia the same time you try to draw something, it will reeeaaally increase the time of the drawing...

So, this is my two UTAU's Saga (the brunette) and Idun (the blonde), Idun doesn't have a voice yet though.

The things they are holding in their hands are apples, because that it is one of Saga's favourite fruits (the other is kiwi) and Idun's name has to do with apples (Idun, the Norse Goddess who kept the apples of youth the Gods ate to be young and live forever) and well, she has a almost unhealthy addiction to apples xD

So what do you think? :3
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