Lil'ith and Thing Picture

Done in Photoshop 7.0 and mouse.

"In fact, Lilith is the first wife of Adam, his equal in fact being made of the same eden's clay as he was (and not from his rib as Eve will...), but she refused herself to him... She said 'No' to the Man and ate the fruit of Life for herself, she did not share it with Adam. Then she was cast out of Eden by Elohim and sent to Nod, a barren land (like Cain will...). After various tribulations, she became Lucifer's (Which means Bearer of Light in latin, and is in fact the Morning Star in the old testament, before the Fall...) wife. In babylonian mythology she was a baby-eater, that corresponds in a certain way to her refusal of bearing children." - whisper-of-torments

that Little thing on top, is the devil.
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