Zeke the Zombie Slaying Geek Picture

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Zeke.

The lovable goofball who looks like he could tell you about every trivial piece of mythology behind "Revenge of the Zombie Amazon Robots From the Deep" (wait, that sounds like it could be a cool title) and is so dedicated to his craft he refuses to take off his 3D glasses is one half of the ultimate weapon against the war on zombies.

This character, just screams personality. Of course, the game screams personality. Everything about this game has personality.

But focusing on this kid, he looks like the ultimate horror movie dork - without too much care of looking trendy or cool to sell games.

So far we've seen bad ass, generic, creepy designs - but for once it's really refreshing to focus on what is essentially a caricature of an everyday person who happens to have a love of horror movies. Even without any dialogue the overall design of this guy is so strong you could almost imagine things he'd say or how he'd interact with the world around him and others.
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