Catoblepas Picture

The Catoblepas is a beast from Ethiopian mythology that's name means "to look downwards". It was first described by the Roman author and natural philosopher, Pliny the Elder who said it had body of a buffalo, the head of a hog or wild boar and its stare could turn a person to stone. The face of the beast was extremely unpleasant and it was said to always have its head pointing downwards due to its unnatural weight.

A later description of the beast was provided by another Roman author, Claudius Aelianus in his works On the Nature of Animals. He wrote that it was a herbivore about the size of a domestic bull, it had a heavy mane, narrow bloodshot eyes, and shaggy eyebrows. While in his description of the beast its gaze wasn't lethal, its breath was said to be a deadly poison as it ate only poisonous vegetation.

One of many characters from the Megaten series. I fell in love with him when fighting him and he turned me to stone-with a moo. Then he attacked me with his tail and killed me. It was love at first death.

Ain't he cute?
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